Do LaB Brings Immersive Insanity to Coachella 2023


Do LaB Brings Immersive Insanity to Coachella 2023

Coachella is arguably North America’s flagship music festival and attracts visitors from all around the globe. One of the hottest open secrets at the festival is the Do LaB event, which usually features unadvertised special guests like Skrillex in 2017. This year for Weekend 1, running from April 14-16, Do LaB brought some of the biggest artists in the game on stage, like the Glitch Mob and the Brothers Macklovitch (A-Trak and Chromeo’s Dave 1).

Do LaB is put on by the founders of Lightning in a Bottle, which was started in 2004 by brothers Josh, Dede, and Jesse Flemming. Their unique brand of immersive and surreal experiences has captivated millions of fans, and they have created installations and performances for some of the most legendary venues in the world like Burning Man.  

Bringing It to the Beacon

This year, their incredible, larger-than-life structure was called the Beacon. Each year, Do LaB constructs a tent-like building capable of holding thousands and invites people to the party. It’s one of the most popular spots to cool down at Coachella, with lots of spray bottles, shade, and hydration available.

Their show often features surprise guests and unannounced special performances and has become one of the most legendary parts of Coachella. While there’s plenty to see, hear, and do at the festival, Do LaB’s tent is often the most exciting place to be.  

Like their own festival, Lightning in a Bottle, the tent at Coachella was much more than just a stage and a place to watch artists. Do LaB is dedicated to providing a completely immersive and unique experience that features art, performances, and visuals that transport you out of this world. Do LaB provides a truly fantastic experience like no other, which is why their tent is always one of the parts of the festival people look forward to the most.  

Along with their selection of top musical artists, Do LaB offers live painting, art installations, and ways to engage in discussions surrounding social and environmental consciousness, personal well-being, and sustainability. These values are important to the founders, and they always provide a way to focus on them. Do LaB allows festival-goers to engage in art, music, and holistic activities in a unique and memorable way that resonates powerfully with all who attend their shows.

Artists at Do LaB 2023

The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob is a trio of artists from Los Angeles, ediT (Edward Ma), Boreta (Justin Boreta), and Ooah (Josh Mayer). They have become famous worldwide for mixing music, art, and technology in cutting-edge ways, like their homemade, custom set piece they call “The Blade.” Albums like “Drink the Sea” and “See Without Eyes” along with remixes of top artists like Daft Punk have earned them a spot on the biggest stages in EDM music.  

The Brothers Macklovitch

This Canadian duo is composed of two brothers, harkening back to the brotherly unit that started Do LaB itself. The two artists, A-Trak and Dave 1, also known as Alain and David Macklovitch, the guitarist and lead vocalist of Chromeo, have come together to create a popular sound that crowds love.  

Franky Wah

Franky Wah is a British DJ, producer, and musician who has put out some of the best house, techno, and progressive trance songs in the last few years. Based out of Manchester, England, his original songs and remixes “Love Me”, “Words”, and “Come Together” have earned him wide recognition as one of the top artists of the electronic music scene.  


Caroline Cecil, stage name WHIPPED CREAM, is one of the top trap and hip-hop producers in the game. She’s received support from legends like Skrillex and is a regular bass music performer at the biggest festivals in the world like Coachella.  

Don’t Miss Do LaB’s Surprises

One of the most unique and popular aspects of Do LaB’s installations is their surprise guests. You never know who is going to show up and get on stage, which can lead to some of the most exciting moments of the festival.  

This year, electronica duo ODESZA was the surprise performer for Weekend 1. No one knew until April 15th who would be performing, when fans that had downloaded the Coachella App were suddenly informed of their upcoming show.

Starting at 10:35 on Saturday night, they drew a massive crowd that extended well beyond the tent. They brought out legendary violinist, singer, and songwriter Sudan Archives, who joined them to premiere the new ODESZA remix of her hit song, “Selfish Soul”. Immediately after this performance, a studio version of the remix became available on all providers, the first remix from the band in eight years.  

Don’t miss Do LaB Weekend 2 and all their future events at Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle. It’s an unforgettable experience that provides music, sights, and fully-immersive experiences you won’t find anywhere else. Tickets sell out fast, so be sure to get yours early!

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