Dirtybird Campout 2022 Recap

Dirtybird Camp West 2022

Dirtybird Campout 2022 Recap

Dirtybird Campout 2022 took place on the beautiful Modesto Reservoir Regional Park in Waterford, California between October 7th and October 9th. What a memorable festival it was! Thousands of music enthusiasts from all over the country came together to enjoy around 50+ groovy DJ sets, live acts, fun games, and delicious food.

It was pure entertainment around the clock, with everyone dancing out from sunset through sunrise. Some big names that performed were Get Real (Green Velvet & Claude VonStroke), Yheti, Eprom, Barclay Grenshaw, and Sickarelli.

Venue & Production

The Modesto Reservoir Regional Park is a secluded area with a freshwater reservoir and is surrounded by a forest. This makes it ideal for taking a break from the daily stress caused by the real world. A benefit for fishing lovers is that the reservoir is often restocked on wildlife such as Redear sunfish, channel catfish, and largemouth bass.

It is located at 18143 Reservoir Road, just off Highway 132 and 20 miles east of the town of Waterford. It covers more than 2,800 acres of the reservoir and 3,200 acres of land ideal for camping and recreation, such as swimming, bird watching, boating, jet skiing and waterfowl hunting.

There was a total of four stages. The Birdhouse stage had a variation of house and techno styles such as Rebūke and Get Real from Green Velvet and Claude VonStroke, who were a highlight at the festival and “guaranteed an evening of pure musical bliss” (

The focus of the Bass Lodge stage was on bass, dubstep, funk as well as hip-hop artists. This year’s lead was the saucy jungle/drum & bass producer Goldie, bass innovator Eprom, Ben UFO, and rap legends Souls Of Mischief. The live instrumentals along with the laser lights and unique visuals made the whole experience magical.

Claude’s Cabin was the perfect getaway from the music scene, hosting fun games and playing comedy shows, to get the team spirit going and share some good laughs.

Finally, the Hideout was the smallest out of all stages, which featured deep house music for those who wanted to hang out and relax under the sparkling stars and watch a dreamy sunrise in the early hours of the morning.


If you would rather have a fun night out, without having to think about where to park or worrying about going over your drinking limit, then camping right at the venue is the answer for you!

All you must do is bring camping equipment and set up your tent at the camping site. There is also a special section for people with RVs. The organizers put up bathroom stalls enough for everyone and provided toilet paper as well as hand soap and hand sanitizer. The nights were cool enough to let you relax and calm down after hours of dancing.

Sleeping around strangers with the same goal of wanting to have an unforgettable time surrounded by the beauty of music brought everyone closer together and formed new and lasting friendships. It was surreal hearing EDM beats all through the campground and still being able to sleep through it because the body needed its recovery to keep on going the next day.

No matter how little sleep one had, everyone was too high on energy to care, always ready to take on exciting new events the day brought. The people who went came from different cultures and backgrounds, making the festival even more unique.

CIT (Volunteer Work)

Do you prefer to save up money and work behind the scenes? Get a free festival ticket as well as food vouchers and meet awesome people to vibe with? Then sign up for the CIT Volunteer Work next year!

All one should do is fill out an application form answering questions on your talents, strengths, and experiences. There is also a section from which you can choose three different work positions that they offer.

One can help organize games, be a seller at merch, a security guard at the gates, cater, welcome guests, or work in the kitchen as a cook among others. I worked at merch most of the time and loved taking charge of building a system to keep inventory organized.

It was also rewarding to hand out clothes or accessories to customers and see them happy upon receiving their newly bought items. Another job was being a security guard at gate 9 and making sure only disabled people or vending were coming through. This responsibility also made me feel pride in keeping order on the campgrounds.

Games and Activities

The different games and activities are what gave visitors a feeling of community and unity. Every visitor was given either a purple, orange, red or green bandana. Whoever won a game from Thursday until Sunday, would give a point to the color that they belonged to. The games were organized into four sections – tournaments, field games, reservoir activities, and craftopia.

This gave the festival an edge and allowed people to interact with one another on a deeper level. The final game was the Ironbird on Sunday at 4:30 pm between the purple and orange teams. This one was exhilarating to watch with the two teams tackling one another at different tasks such as rolling in a tied cloth, eating a salad pie, and transporting water from one bucket to the next using sponges.

I had goosebumps the entire time watching all players giving their best and hearing the crowd cheer them on. It was a full-on celebration with cheerleaders coming out and everyone hugging each other when the purple team won. Even the orange team was a good sport and happy at its competitor’s victory.


Different food trucks were offering a variety of food from Hawaiian bowls to Italian pizza. One was also able to enjoy a cheesy sandwich or fried rice with vegetables and eggs. There was also a cocktail stand that served alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst and keep you in full delight.

They also had a truck that served one of the best breakfast burritos I’ve ever eaten and another that sold anything from muffins to a matcha latte as a dessert or afternoon treat. I still recommend taking snacks or easily transportable food from home because of how expensive the food trucks can be.

VIP – VIB Experience

Having a VIB Pass gives you access to the backstage lounge area, fancy accommodation, private parking, restrooms, and one BBQ voucher. One is also able to hang out behind the scenes in a shaded seating area and have a drink at a cozy private bar.

These amenities bring the camping experience to a whole other level and allow more privacy to enjoy the festival in peace.

Final Thoughts

It was my first time at Dirtybird Campout and I will definitely go back. Being there made me excited to visit more music festivals in the US over the next months and eager to learn more about the music culture here.

Every person I’ve met at the festival has mentioned that it was their favorite because the experience it provided was so unique and unlike any other. I had the best time there and truly agree with this. Absolutely looking forward to my next Dirtybird!

Written By: Beatriz Trejo

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