Decadence Arizona 2023 Recap

Decadence Arizona 2023

Decadence Arizona 2023 Recap

Relentless beats Presents another amazing Decadence for it being the ninth Arizona Decadence. For it being held at its newest and best improved venue the phoenix raceway in Avondale.This venue has been home for the past few festivals and hasn’t disappointed considering the space and the EDC vibes for the raceway!

Not just locals from all around Arizona came to ring in the new year, but people from all around the world came to join the best production to date that Arizona has done for the new years celebration! This festival always includes activities such as games, food plus more to wander around to check out!

This years headliners were something to literally rave about, considering acts such as Subtronics and John summit doing an Arizona debut of Subjhonics for a brief b2b closing out day 1! More headlining artists for day 1 included Adventure club b2b Flux pavilion, Steve aoki, Said the sky, Marauda, and to close the bass stage day one Claptone! Day 2 headliners consisted of BTSM, Illenium, Chris Lake, Loud Luxury, And last but not least slander B2B Illenium to ring in the beginning of the new year for the ball drop!

Venue And Production

Roaming inside the gates after getting through security you could wander amongst plenty of views of all the stages which was an amazing sight to see! You never know once you walk in what you can except to see inside these massive stages!

Walking through the festival grounds the first stage you see is the main stage which is called the Grand Palace! This stage was being held for all the main headlining acts and the 12 A.M ball drop for N.Y.E! The stage this year had plenty of LED lights, lasers , and multiple small LED screens surrounding the left and right roofs of the structure, the main screen being the main of the visuals!

The stage just across the way you can find the Royal Ballroom , which consisted of main acts such as GETTER, Green Velvet, SAYMYNAME, INZO, LEVEL UP, plus many locals! This stage had plenty of room to dance and walk around to mingle with other ravers!

Many other stages around the festival included a silent disco which was a smaller stage that had 2 stations to go back and forth from, and most of the local artists would be found here to listen to all genres of music! The other 2 smaller stages named the Playground and The Bazaar would be found within short walking distance from each other and included more local artists and up and coming artists getting their names out there! No matter what stage you found yourself at you would get an immersive experience with new music and sound.


As per every music festival as soon as you walk in you are welcomed with many food and drink stands! For the raceway you don’t always have to wait in the long lines at the booths because throughout the festival they have traveling drink carts with every cart having different beers, cocktails, water and seltzers. If not wanting to pay for a water bottle , they also provide water stations to fill up your camelback backpacks. Food for decadence AZ this year included the staple chicken tenders, fries, hamburgers and simple things as chips and pretzels.


Having access to V.I.P for the biggest festival of the year in AZ comes with many perks such as having access to private bathrooms and private seating areas which also contained heaters throughout all the V.I.P areas for it being cold in the AZ desert. For fellow ravers that purchased platinum V.I.P, they had access to the platform stage that was overseeing the whole main and side stages, plus access to the artist lounge which also had a buffet which included food such as street corn, salad, Mac and cheese and desserts.

Final Thoughts

For this being the second decadence AZ at the phoenix raceway it was very hard to disappoint and can’t imagine what they have in store to ring in the new year for 2025!

Zachary Campbell -Shralpin Media


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