Crosstown Rebels Celebrates 20 Years at Get Lost Miami

Get Lost Miami 2023

Albert Lalamaiev

Crosstown Rebels Celebrates 20 Years at Get Lost Miami

Damien Lazarus, or “The Wizard” as he is known to many, is one of the most influential tastemakers, pathfinders, and DJs in the techno and house music scene. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of his seminal Crosstown Rebels record label, Get Lost Miami put on an extraordinary and extravagant show on March 25th, 2023, with 7 stages and over 90 different artists performing.  

This was a 24-hour long party, described as the weirdest “mad circus” you’ve ever seen. Tickets started at around $125, an amazing deal for an all-day/all-night event like this, and “The Wizard” knows how to bring magic to a party like no one else can. The event took place at the Factory Town event center, a massive cluster of indoor and outdoor lots in the Hialeah neighborhood of Miami that harkens back to the old-school, abandoned warehouse days of the techno rave scene.

Get Lost Miami is truly an immersive experience, and with the overnight length, attendees were lost in the vibe, totally enchanted by the lights, a wide variety of sounds, carnival games, vendors, circus-style dancers, and other performers. Get your tickets early next year, because they sold out fast!

Top Artists at Get Lost Miami

With over 90 artists performing, there was a wider range of artists to look out for than even the biggest festivals. Seven stages and 90 artists mean it’s about double the size of most other events, which is exactly the kind of extravagant performance that Lazarus was looking for to celebrate the 20th year of his label.  

Get Lost Miami had some of the hottest artists on the scene to watch out for. Some of the biggest crowd-pleasers this year were:

Major Lazer Soundsystem

One of the most legendary techno/electronica acts of all time, featuring superstar performer Diplo, Major Lazer (they add the “Soundsystem” when performing live) made a splash at Get Lost Miami this year.  


Champion scratch DJ A-trak has been called the “Global ambassador of DJ culture” and has produced such legendary stars as Kid Cudi and Kanye West.  


One of dubstep’s most prodigious sons, Skream was one of the first major stars in the genre. Famous for his out-of-control Skrillex-esque screaming and growling basses, Skream puts on a dubstep set like no one else can.  

Major League DJz

A duo of twin brothers, Major League DJz has one of the hottest DJ acts on the planet. They spin some of the best hip-hop and rap records you will ever hear and have made a name for themselves as a classic party-record dropping dynamic duo.

Chloé Caillet

Bringing a euro-style French feel to the event is Chloé Caillet, a multi-instrumentalist and DJ from the city of love, Paris. She’s a DJ legend around the globe, having played such legendary venues as Ibiza and the Brooklyn Mirage.  

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

This British electronic producer and DJ, real name Orlando Tobias Edward Higginbottom, seems to have a thing for long, eclectic names, and the music he drops is technical, fast-paced, and perfect for the Miami party scene. His set at Get Lost had the crowd on their feet and dancing the whole time. 

Up All Night, Party All Day

If you’re looking for an extravagant, insane, clown, and circus-themed 24-hour event, this is the party for you. With the massive size of the venue, both indoor and outdoor events, and plenty to do while wandering around, Get Lost Miami provided an experience that is unrivaled by other festivals.  

Damien Lazarus himself opened up the festival with an amazing set featuring some of Crosstown Rebels’ classic sounds and techno drops. He performed as part of the “Wizardry Trio”, featuring himself, DJ Tennis, and Dj Three, and it was easy to see why he has experienced so much success in this game. Get Lost had sights and sounds you won’t see anywhere else, and Lazurus’ set was no exception. 

Have you ever wanted to see Obama’s personal DJ, DJ D-Nice? Well, if you sprung for the VIP tickets to Get Lost, you were treated to an exclusive performance by him, Natasha Diggs, and other artists. This VIP set had an intimate, laid-back, soul and funk feel that was well worth it for those able to afford the tickets. 

Get Lost Miami was one of the biggest, marquee events for Miami Music Week, a weeklong marathon of electronica events that takes place in Miami. Over 1,000 artists and hundreds of thousands of global travelers attend this event, making it one of the biggest events in the entire music scene worldwide.  

So, if you’re looking for the most exciting and over-the-top music event you could find, this is it. Nowhere else will you be able to party all night long, have seven stages to choose from, and still be able to go find more artists to watch. Next year, snap up your tickets fast and early because they go quickly!

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