Choose the Best Skateboard Bearings by Considering These 5 Factors

Skateboard Bearing Buyer Guide

Finding the best skateboard bearings is essential to performing your best at skateboarding. Especially if you are new to this sport, you must get familiar with its necessary components.

A skateboard bearing is a tiny metal piece that is fitted inside your skateboard wheels, mounting it to the axle. Typically measuring around 22mm in diameter and 7mm in width, bearings are made out of various components such as:

  • Shield
  • Ball cage
  • Ball
  • Outer ring
  • Inner ring
  • Inner shield
  • C-ring

These components, while having different functions, work together in helping you skate fast and smoothly. Besides, if you want to enhance your skateboard performance, you can also add speed washers and bearing spacers.

With this skateboard bearings guide, finding quality bearings would be effortless. Listed below are the five things that you need to consider before buying one. Read on.

Bearing Durability

When choosing bearings for your skateboard, make sure that it will last a long time. Take note of customer reviews for ideas. You can find these online at social media sites and online stores such as Amazon and eBay.

Moreover, check whether these bearings can withstand friction and support heavy weight for long periods. Lastly, know if it rusts easily. You do not want to end up buying a new one after just a couple of months.

Skateboard Bearing Material And Purpose

Skateboard bearings can either be made out of steel, ceramic, and titanium, and these materials serve different purposes.

  • Steel skateboard bearings are trade standard, making it not only durable but also economical. However, be wary of the quality of steel as this may vary. Furthermore, this material is prone to rust. For it to last, make sure to keep them oiled up and clean.
  • Ceramic skateboard bearings are more sturdy than steel as they are least likely to deform. Furthermore, they are heat resistant and can withstand friction at high speed.  While not prone to rusting, they may break during high impact, making this not ideal for skateboarding stair sets and big gaps.
  • Titanium skateboard bearings are rust-resistant, lightweight, and durable. It may perform similar to steel but are more durable because of its strength and resistance to wear. It only needs frequent lubrication for better performance.

Depending on your purpose, getting matched with the right kind of skateboard bearing is essential for a better skateboarding experience. 

Pre-Lubricated Bearings

Make sure that the skateboard bearings are pre-lubricated upon buying. Products not lubricated are maintained poorly, and will affect its quality. Furthermore, it may be inconvenient as you will have to oil it yourself upon unboxing.


Know that each skateboard bearing has precise speed capabilities and performances. The skateboard bearings size may affect your skateboarding performance.

For example, products with a larger ball such as Bones Super Swiss 6 competition skate bearings may offer better strength and durability. However, this is at the expense of speed. So if you want to go at high speed, smaller balls in bearings are highly recommended.  

ABEC Ratings

Almost all brands of skateboard bearings show ABEC ratings. While a higher rating does not necessarily indicate better skateboarding performance, the rating system only helps buyers know the product’s lateral stress handling, impact handling, lubricant, noise, materials, and vibration which often affects the body too. If this is you case too, consider getting a thc cart which will help you with muscular pain.

When looking for the best skateboard bearings, remember to note the product’s durability, material, purpose, performance, and rating. With these five factors, you will have the right bearings based on your skateboarding needs. 

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