Camp Flog Gnaw 2019 Recap

Camp Flog Gnaw 2019 Recap

The eighth annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival took place at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on the weekend of November 9th and 10th. Tens of thousands of festival-goers gathered to enjoy music, art, carnival rides, games, food, and everything in between.

This year’s lineup comprised of a variety of headliners including Tyler, The Creator, Juice WRLD, H.E.R., Daniel Caesar, Solange, YG, Brockhampton, 21 Savage, Earl Sweatshirt, Blood Orange, and many more. The surprise guests on Sunday evening were Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and A$AP Rocky.

Venue & Production

The festival occupied a few parking lots at Dodger Stadium and comprised of three large stages. There was the Camp, Flog, and Gnaw Stages. All three stages had wonderful sound production. The visuals on each stage complemented each performance, especially with the fire and CO2 cannons that brought each set to life.

In between the stages were merch booths for Camp Flog Gnaw. There was also a Golf World area selling clothing from Tyler, the Creators clothing line. You could also purchase custom merchandise from Tyler’s new collaboration with Converse named “Golf le Fleur.” There were various intriguing art pieces including a giant Gianno shoe. 

There were multiple sponsored activations as well from Pop-Tarts, truth, Apple Pay, and many more. The Pop-Tarts activation was a blast with a lot of activities to participate in that helped you earn free merch swag. It was quite an experience getting to eat frozen or toasted Pop-Tarts and learning how to breakdance.


Tyler, the Creator always brings the most fire lineups to the table. This year’s choice of performers was nothing but awesomeness. We got to see a couple of our favorite performers including 21 Savage, Earl Sweatshirt, Taco, YG, and Domo Genesis. We also checked outperformers that we were unfamiliar with like Blood Orange, Daniel Caesar, and Da Baby. 

Tyler blessed the crowd as Igor and put on one of our top three favorite performances of the festival, hands down. He even performed some of his oldie but goodie songs like Yonkers and Who Dat Boy. Tyler’s energy was unrivaled as his quirky personality lit up the crowd and his groovy dance moves set the night on fire.

The last time slot of the festival was set for Tyler to bring out a couple of friends. To the crowd’s surprise, A$AP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert, and Drake came out. Our minds were definitely blown and we were so hyped about it. It would have been really cool if Drake performed longer but the time that he did use to perform was pretty sick. Tyler wishes that Drake could’ve played his favorite song, Hotline Bling, and so do we. </3

Carnival Rides

What is Camp Flog Gnaw without carnival rides? The carnival inside the festival definitely made us feel like kids again. This year there were a lot of exciting rides to enjoy. You could get an amazing view of the festival and downtown LA from both of the Ferris wheels.

Other rides included the Yo-Yo swings, cliff hanger, vertigo flyer, super shot, zero gravity, and more. All the rides were free, which is another reason why we love this festival so much.

Food Selection

A wide variety of food stands packed the festival grounds. In between the stands were some food trucks, but the majority of the food was in the stands. There were over twenty options of food including some famous restaurants like Nic’s On Beverly and the beloved Spicy Pie.

No matter what you were in the mood to eat, there was always a place to satisfy your appetite— from vegan to gluten-free and everything in between. We really enjoyed the Mexican food and Elote (corn on a stick) covered in butter and Hot Cheetos *drool*.

Why VIP?

Having access to VIP amenities at Camp Flog Gnaw definitely had its perks. Some of the perks included express crowd entrances (great view with an ample amount of dance space), a special Ferris wheel, private bars and vendors, relaxing lounges, and restrooms equipped with A/C.

Final Thoughts

This year was an insane experience that we were lucky to be part of. We are excited to see what Tyler, The Creator has in store for us during next years installment of CFG. We look forward to seeing each of your bright and smiling faces there!

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