Beloved Festival 2019 Recap

Beloved Music Festival 2019

The Shralpin team arrived to Beloved and was immediately greeted on the path with a sign saying, “The Great Awakening is here” on the path to find our tents. This was the first sign of many showing how special this festival is. One could tell the container for the festival was very intentional and because of this, it seemed to bring just the right people centered on soulful living and community.

As Beloved’s website tells, “Beloved is a 4-Day Sacred Art, Movement, and Music Festival on the Oregon Coast. Beloved is a healing event, intended to experiment with new models for culture. In the troubled times in which we live, people become divided against each other and can more easily feel isolated and separated from the Soul of the World. At Beloved, we become a sudden, mystical community where everyone can feel the touch of spirit while also deepening the soul of community.”

This intention and focus were definitely experienced at this Festival. Being one who seeks to be connected to Spirit and live in a sacred way, I really resonated with the sacred music, art, empowering workshops, yummy & healthy food options, and unique vendors that abounded in the amazing Oregon forestland. This environment and intention welcomed kind interactions and it was refreshing to pass people and meet with a smile or eyes meeting in recognition. I love the signs and art all around the land that reminded one to stop and breath and reflect or perhaps connect with one’s ancestors. The reusable plate system and compostable toilets were also a high point showing how considerate this festival was. Even the wristbands reminding us of the focus of belonging and vulnerability helping us open and focus. This centered and healing structure led us to go deep in the musical experience to really receive a transformative and loving experience.

This festival was just the right size where it didn’t feel like too many people and not too small either. The music was a joy to dance and vibe to and satisfying to the soul. I loved the set up with the main stage and a soft dance floor where people took their shoes off and then a smaller stage for more intimate music experiences right in the middle of the main area. Plus, there were blankets and mats all around on the hill facing the stages making it such a cozy and welcoming environment to chill and enjoy with old or new friends. The special fire pit in the middle of the main area made for a great gathering hub for connection to nature and community. In this inviting environment, the music flowed through the days with an eclectic variety including Diaspora Music, Folk Futurism, Devotional, Classical, and Ceremonial. Beloved had an intention to expand the consciousness of how people engage in non-western music and be respectful of the roots, lineages and life force of these forms. Whether listening to Sudan Archives, Dirtwire, Yungchen Lhamo, or Hills and Hollows Celtic Healing Journey (just to name a few); all the music was beautiful in its own right, and connected us more together and within. There was such a gracious flow to the lineup.


One of my favorite acts was at the end of Friday night, a duet called Olox. Their presence and full dress captivated. The strong drumming mixed with her alluring voice took us on a Shamanic journey. The duet combines traditional songs of the Shamanic Arctic Siberian Sakha People and communities, The Reindeer breath (arctic throat beat-box), as well as the sounds of northern Arctic birds and animals. What a powerful and beautiful blend of old knowledge passed down in a new way. I left in tears.

Razia Said 


Saturday’s music was so engaging I stayed up all night as the metamorphosis of the festival brought us all to a new state of being together, more healed and more connected. I danced to groups like Razia Said all afternoon and relaxed to healing groups like Ron Artis II & Strings of Life. Ron Artis II & Strings of Life reminded me of the importance to show the one you love them with his touching love songs to his wife he shared. Saturday night vibes were dancey, sexy, and fun with deeper insights mixed in the grooves. One of my favorite artists of the night was Lizzy Jeff. This hip-hop priestess, medicine woman reminded me how empowered we are when we follow our dreams following our truth with aligned action, in the most playful way. 

Ron Artis II & Strings of Life

Ron Artis Beloved Festival

Then, Sunday morning felt like an emerging from the cacoon with Dat Garcia. Dat Garcia had otherworldly/ space people kind of vibe that is challenging to put into words. She used her language and sounds at the beginning that sounded like baby cries with a slow start in a very interesting tight covering head to toe outfit in one solid color, then she emerged even more as the music opened and began to flow faster. It was unique and intriguing and a very spiritual experience. I felt myself emerge with her and everyone there as the sun rose.

What we were when we came into Beloved was not the same as when we left. We imagined and experienced the magic of what life can be when we come together in these intentional, lively ways. I highly recommend Beloved to those who want to raise their consciousness with some special, sacred music.

By: Cat Flowers

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