Bass Canyon 2018 Festival Recap

Bass Canyon Music Festival 2018

I just got home from the first Bass Canyon on Monday, and even though my whole body hurts from headbanging all weekend, I don’t think my heart’s been so full of happiness after a festival like this before. The production was amazing, everyone on the lineup brought their best sets, and the vibes overall were incredible. Jeff somehow did it again! If there is one thing that I’ve learned thus far; never miss an inaugural Excision festival!

The 3-day event featured no overlaps because it was exclusive to the mainstage. Attendees of Bass Canyon were treated to exceptional weather all three days, featuring low 80s in the daytime and sweatshirt weather at night. Not to mention there was a short rainstorm that worked to get rid of forest fire smoke in the surrounding area.

Every person who sets foot in the Gorge recognizes its natural beauty. Excision recognized the need to preserve this natural landmark. He has been to The Gorge before as a performer and attendee, and he understands the pack it and pack it out mentality. Excision’s team tasked with cleanup worked nonstop. Every morning sanitary services and trash cleanup employees cleaned and collected trash. For Saturday and Sunday the venue was spotless and cleaned to perfection.
The camping and production went off without any issues, not to mention the friendly staff. I was beyond impressed with the organization and overall logistics.

Excision and his team know what they are doing when it comes to running a festival. The sound system was pumping crystal clear sound waves. The order of the schedule and lineup helped to provide the best possible experience. Excision’s communication with The Gorge staff was splendid. He provided changes and updates when needed throughout the weekend. On to Lost Lands!

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