Arroyo Seco Weekend 2018 Amazes Concert Goers Alike

Arroyo Seco Weekend 2018 Lineup

Arroyo Seco Weekend just came to a close and it has lived up to the hype and expectation. This event took place on June 23 and 24 in Pasadena, California. The line-up was amazing, the stages were set up perfectly, and the grounds were easy to navigate; all thanks to the extensive planning done by Goldenvoice to make this one amazing weekend.

It seemed that Goldenvoice thought of everything to make this experience unforgettable. Great food, great music and one organized event made for a really special weekend festival. The only thing Goldenvoice could not control was the weather, but the weather cooperated by delivering two perfect days that were not too hot, and never too cold. All in all, the Arroyo experience was amazing and will never be forgotten. This was my second Arroyo Seco festival, I am looking forward to going for a third time.

The Stages

The stage production and set up for all three stages created an experience to stimulate the mind and body. The easy access to all three stages along with the precise schedule timing allowed everyone the time and space necessary to see all the performances. There were tens of thousands of happy faced people sharing the same, but in their own way unique experiences as they walked between the stages. There was something for everyone to enjoy such as the multiple art exhibits that were set up for viewing as you strolled between stages as well as roaming live art that you could participate in.

Sound System

The sound was clear, and easy to listen to. The sound was so clear that you were able to sit comfortably a distance from the stage and still hear, enjoy and appreciate the artist performing. People were dancing and playing as the music continued to fill the air. I do not know what system they used, but Goldenvoice please continue to use it as the sound was so vibrant.


I normally do not enjoy the food at festivals, but this was different. The food vendors were from local restaurants that we as Los Angelinos were familiar with.
The restaurants were in convenient places and the tables were set up in shade to help avoid the heat. The variety of restaurants and the quality of food was something one could not forget.

There were so many great choices and believe me I participated in as many as I could. The food ranged from exotic dishes to vegan dishes. I tried them all and they were delicious. I do not know how they did it, but some of the food seemed to come right out of Los Angeles’ most expensive restaurants.

Music Lineup

This year’s lineup was simply stated “Euphoric”; ranging from Alanis Morissette, Robert Plant, Neil Young, The Pretenders, The Specials, Jack White, The Bangles, Gary Clark Jr, Los Lobos, Third Eye Blind, Irma Thomas, Kings of Leon and many more, WOW! How can you top that line up? The music continued non-stop for two days.

VIP Access Helps

VIP access is a nice perk, but certainly not required as Goldenvoice made us all feel like VIPs. If you were so lucky to have VIP passes you could take advantage of some good perks like better access to the festival, VIP viewing areas, VIP free water, etc. I have to say that Goldenvoice knew they had to take care of all participants as VIPs so to that end they gave out free water bottles and protein bars to help you get through the day. Thanks Goldenvoice.

Final Thoughts

This was the second annual Arroyo Seco Music Festival and I plan to attend the third one in 2019. All in all kudos to Goldenvoice for creating and delivering one amazing music festival weekend filled with love, music, great food and people with a great attitude always willing to help you.

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