Alesso New Years Weekend 2022 Omnia Las Vegas

Alesso NYE 2022 Omnia Las Vegas

Alesso at The Omnia in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous worldwide for its lavish parties, insanely popular nightclubs, and some of the best performances worldwide.  Omnia Las Vegas is one of the finest jewels in the city’s crown, located within Caesars Palace with 75,000 square feet of party space, making it one of the largest nightclubs in the world.  This wasn’t your average rave scene, Omnia has a strict, classy dress code, regally opulent luxury, one of the most desirable stages to play on, and no shortage of beautiful, exciting people to talk to.

Alesso: The Next Generation of Swedish House

Alesso is one of the biggest stars of his generation, headlining world class festivals regularly and the Omnia club on December 30tmh, 2022.  Considered the leading star of Swedish trance and rave music, after his predecessors Swedish House Mafia and Avicii, Alesso has been steadily topping the charts with collaborations with artists like Kary Perry and Marshmello.  With a unique style mixing melodic house, trance, and more urban, gritty beats, Alesso is destined to be one of the 21st century’s greatest DJs and producers. 

Alesso, originally from Stockholm, Sweden, has become famous globally for his incredible stage productions, contagiously danceable house beats, and innovative and exciting synthesizer music.  His cross-genre style intersects with the worlds of pop, rock, rap, reggae, and many other styles, fusing them all into a unique, smooth house style that translates well to larger stages and sound systems.  His shows sell out regularly, and his show at the Omnia was no exception – the almost New Year’s Eve crowd was wild, ready to party, and seemed to be looking forward to a new year full of fresh hopes and dreams.  

Opulent Luxury at Omnia

If you’re hoping to walk in and grab a place at this performance, you’ll have to be either a celebrity or the luckiest person on Earth, as this packed nightclub is exclusive and can be difficult to get into.  Fortunately, by pre-purchasing tickets, you will be able to have the chance to get in and mingle up close and personal with some of the hottest stars on the strip.

There’s a dress code, so be sure to get your best dresses and shirts out for this event!  Alesso at Omnia was a rave like no other, surrounded by some of the best bottle service, dancers, and sets in the city.  Pre-purchase your tickets for the next amazing show, and don’t miss out on your luxury dreams at Omnia.  

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