Adult Swim Festival 2019 Recap

Adult Swim Festival 2019
Courtesy of Adult Swim

This past weekend was the annual Adult Swim Festival held at The Banc of California Stadium in Downtown Los Angeles, California. This was more than a music festival; there was comedy, games, rides, fan experiences, and much more! This was a unique and memorable experience.

Music, Comedy & Stage Production

This year’s lineup included a wide variety of genres of music from rap to death metal to EDM. There was something for everyone. Some of the headliners included Deathklok, Captain Murphy, Jamie XX, Vince Staples, 2 Chainz, Rapsody, Tierra Whack, Cooly 6, Conner O’Malley, Leikeli47, and many more. There were also live skits, comedy shows, and a special live performance from the Eric Andre show.

There were three stages; Calico Stage, Tabby Stage, and Babycat Stage. The two main stages, Calico and Tabby Stages, were next to one another so when one artist ended another one would immediately come on the other stage without any interruption. This kept things moving at a fast pace as there was always something going on.

The sound systems on the stages sounded great. The music sounded crisp and clear. The highs and lows from the subs vibrated the entire stadium. It was surprising how loud it could get inside the stadium. The lighting was set for each artist and fit their personalities. Some artists had many strobes and C02, while others went with a minimalist style. It was a great setup and the production levels were up there.


The stadium was full of Adult Swim experiences that made you a part of the festival. Seven unique experiences were scattered throughout the festival. Some of our favorites were:

The Rickflector was there to trans-portal your melted minds directly into the animated world of Rick Sanchez. Before stepping inside you made your own Rick avatar. Once inside you were able to virtually control the avatar my moving your body. This is the future!

If you wanted to joust there was a cat joust for you and one other person to go head to head for honor and adoration. You had to mount valiant feline steeds and then take on a friend or foe. This was fun to watch and partake in.

Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force had a 350 dome where you can watch different screenings and shows. Once inside you were given headphones and told to lie on your pack. Staring up at the dome you would be taken on a journey. The shows changed throughout the night so you could always catch a new show.

You could not miss the Morty slide. This was a giant blow-up version of Morty’s head open and a rainbow tongue/slide emerging from his mouth. This was a fun place to race friends to the top of the mouth and then slide your way down back to the festival grounds.

Limited Edition Merch

If you want Adult Swim merch then this is the place for you. There was a ton of exclusive merchandise such as tees, beanies, hoodies, posters, bottle openers, socks, hats, and a ton of mystery items you can only find at the festival. Everything was from Adult Swim’s popular shows.


A wide variety of food trucks lined the festival grounds anticipating hungry festival-goers. No matter what you were in the mood to eat, there was always a place to satisfy your appetite.


This is more than just a festival, it is an experience. We are excited about next year’s Adult Swim Festival and hope to see you there. Stay up to date on future announcements from Adult Swim Festivals here.

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