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Addaday BioZoom Massage Gun Bliss

Hitting the streets can be quite rewarding. You’re getting some good exercise while being on your skateboard. You feel the cool breeze hit your face when you bomb hills. All of these are good, but the fatigue sometimes can be overwhelming when you’re regularly out there. Luckily, a couple of Addaday products have helped us recover a lot quicker. Here are a few ways these products have helped us out.

Decrease Muscle Soreness

Oftentimes, we’re putting our bodies through a lot by hitting the vert or street so much. I noticed that my calves started getting sore. The tension was almost unbearable at times because I felt this crazy tightness that just wouldn’t go away.

I started using the BioZoom with Bluetooth. One of the best things about this product is that it’s pretty quiet. Whether I’m around my family or just taking a quick break outside, this is perfect to use. The feature I like is the companion app.

It delivers the right amount of percussive power to help you relax your muscles more effectively. I think that’s very convenient because a lot of times we may apply pressure, but it does more harm than good. It’s counterproductive and may lead to a worst-case scenario situation. It’s great that this machine caters to what your body needs for better recovery purposes.


You don’t want to have a clunker that you’re carrying in your bag. After a training session, I make sure to have this with me because it’s easy to carry. I can pull it out after training some tricks or practicing my speed run.

It’s easy to handle and can reach certain spots. I can be a bit subtle as well in case I’m somewhere like an outdoor restaurant and need a quick minute to help relieve tension around my neck or leg area. I wish I had this when I first started hitting the asphalt because this would’ve saved me a lot of days where I just felt completely drained.

Increased Blood Flow

This is such an important aspect of using these products. After a while, you may start to experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Depending on how hard I’m training, it can be a day or maybe even a few days.

I know that the main reason my body aches is due to not getting the right blood flow. Also, it’s very easy to tweak things when you’re moving your neck or around the thigh area. Charlie Horses are no joke.

I’ve had a couple of them practicing a certain stall while grinding on the rail. I used the app to help me target the sore area. As a result, I was able to get significant relief in a matter of minutes, which saved me a trip to a masseuse or psychiatrist.

The more rewarding thing is being able to bring back a range of motion to sensitive areas. It can get uncomfortable pinching nerves in certain areas. The BioZoom helps me regain much-needed sleep and made it more comfortable laying down in specific positions.

Targeting the Legs and Feet

While the BioZoom was great for my upper half, I felt the Bliss was much better at relieving tension in my legs. It has a two-directional massage that helped my calves feel tons of relief. On certain days, my calves felt like two big stones as I was just walking like a stone.

After a while, this can get very uncomfortable. It felt great to adjust the settings from low, high, or auto intensity. I was able to do a high one on days where I just need a quick relief session to dig into the muscle tissue.

On my lighter days, I’d use the low setting to get around the ankles and certain parts of the foot. These would be on my days off where I had more time for self-treatment.

Heated Option

Another gem with the Bliss is the heated option. It feels very relaxing to have a nice shower then go back to my room and use the heated option to provide great relief to the muscles. I know it opened the blood circulation to help soothe my muscles.

Over time, this increased my muscle flexibility. The more limber I felt the more I could get out of my practices instead of having to wait sometimes 3 days to heal up. I also noticed that muscles grew stronger because of the faster recovery time.

This is also a good preventative measure to keep from getting major tissue damage as a result of breaking down the muscle too much. I use this as daily self-care to avoid getting long-term injuries

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