Acts To See At Splash House August Weekend 2

Splash House 2023 August Weekend 2

Acts To See At Splash House August Weekend 2

The second weekend at Splash House August has a wide variety of musical acts. There’s going to be something for everyone. Here’s something on each of them so you’ll be ready to get down when you arrive.

DRAMA – This Electronic duo that comes by way of Chicago will be doing a club set that features songs like “Feel the Same,” “You’ve Done Enough,” and “Nobody.” They combine downtempo, house, and R&B. 

Flight Facilities – The electronic duo will be coming from Down Under to warm themselves up at Palm Springs (it’s winter there). Their songs have many different styles – blues, classical, and even folk. They’ll be doing a DJ set that will span their decade-plus catalog of music. 

Matroda – The Croatian dance artist known for songs like “Forget It” and “Lose Control” will be spinning beats to make you bounce around. 

Sidepiece –  This house duo has worked with some big names in music, including Diplo and Lil Wayne. They’ve also got plenty of great songs of their own, including “On My Mind,” “Together,” and “Don’t Keep Me Waiting.” 

Skream – Skream comes to Palm Springs from London. He’s a dubstep legend, but he’s far from just a bass lover. His music ranges from techno to piano-house to New Wave. You’ll find something to love in each song, including his newest one, “Waiheke Island.” 

Tchami –  The French DJ will be playing his brand of hard house and modern club music. Don’t be surprised to see him wearing a clerical collar while he performs behind a stained-glass window backdrop. 

Baynk – The New Zealander will be making his way to Palm Spring to play electronic hits like “go with u,” “Settle,” and “Simmer.”  

Bleu Clair – Come listen to the Indonesian-born artist play his style of bass house and techno. His most recent release is the Adnon Veron remix of his song “Phone Call.” 

Calussa – This brother duo come to Splash House by way of Miami. You can sense the Latin influence in their music. They also fuse Afro and Tech.Their recent songs include “Fell in Luv.” 

Casmalia – She’s a music producer from San Diego that’s really taking the West Coast house music scene by storm. Her most recent release was a single called “Off My Mind.” 

Chapter & Verse – Come see this fast-rising DJ from England. He specializes in global dance and he’ll get you moving with his latest song, “Breathe.” 

Classixx – This Los Angeles duo used to be known as the Young Americans. Their friendship extends back to childhood and they’ll play songs like “Bird of Prey,” which is their most recent release. 

Demuja – He comes to you from Austria and his house music will get you to move around, as his most recent song “Work My Body” does just that. 

Francis Mercier – Mercier is a Haitian DJ and Producer. You can sense the different styles of music from around the world in his songs. His latest single is “Strangers (Do You Remember)” that also features Yas Cepeda and EURI. 

Tobehonest – Word processing Spell Check may hate this DJs name but you’ll love his music. He’ll likely play his most recent singles “Sirens” and “Focused.” 

Volac – Let’s peace out and enjoy the music of this Russian duo. There’s a distinct Brazilian flavor to their songs, including their most recent single, “To The Floor.” 

wAFF – Splash House will be just one more stop on this British DJ’s relentless schedule. He’ll likely play songs from his latest EP – “District.”

Westend – This DJ comes from the other side of the country. The New York native has mixed all kinds of songs by other artists, including Matroda. 

Chris Lake  – The EDM legend will be one of the largest names at the After Hours show at the Air Museum. He may even play his latest song, “Fool For Love,” which he did with Harry Romero. 

Channel Tres – This is the nom de plume of songwriter Sheldon Young. He’s from Compton and he’ll make you move with his house music. He’ll likely play some of his most remixes of “6am. ”

Kream – These Norwegian brothers have paired up with big names in music, like Steve Aoki. Come listen to songs like “Sweat,” “ LIES,” and “Taped Up.”  

Whatever your taste in EDM, there’s going to be something for you. Come have the time of your life!

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