Above And Beyond Common Ground Tour 2018: Phoenix

Above And Beyond Common Ground

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Above&Beyond’s album tour stop in Arizona was nothing short of amazing. Rawhide event center was the perfect and most intimate venue for the world renowned producers and openers. The warehouse setting provided an up close and personal performance with the artists and helped amplify the lighting and sound. With DJ’s Gabriel & Dresden and Spencer Brown helping set the mood, the crowd was energetic and ready for what the night had to offer.

Although the show was indoors, there was a small outdoor area just outside the warehouse garage doors.This area allowed for people to chill, talk with friends, and eat their food while still being able to hear the music. The menu for the night included pizza, chicken tenders, and fries from a couple of local food vendors.

Throughout the evening, the energetic and compassionate Relentless Rangers helped provide a safe environment for all party goers. They did this by passing out waters, hyping up the crowd and checking to make sure everyone around was ok. Relentless proves not only do they care about providing a high quality show, but they also care about the safety of all the attendees.

With vibrant lighting schemes at each set the audience was able to embrace their surroundings. The light shows ranged from flashing colors to streams of iridescent lasers flowing with the vibe and the tunes of the music. A multitude of lights surrounded the stage to provide a constant flow of rainbow colors for everyone to enjoy. Since the show was indoors, it allowed for a more bold and vivid display of lights.

The sky high walls and ceiling of the warehouse helped reflect and absorb the sound. This along with the skills and hard-work from the sound crew produced clear and pure music from the speakers. The peaks and drops throughout the night were illuminated perfectly, and it kept the crowd immersed and jumping to the music.

The stage was set with a large rectangular screen that displayed colorful, kaleidoscope views. During Above&Beyond’s performance views of smiling people from the crowd flashed across the large screen. This offered the audience a full view to all of the other music goers around them. Throughout their set, they typed inspirational messages and lyrics on the screen for the crowd to read. These words were read aloud by everyone and made everyone feel united and closer with the music.

The show ended with a blast of colorful, circular confetti that matched the Common Ground album color scheme and a visit from the DJ’s to the crowd. They walked the front railway and took their time meeting and taking pictures with just about everyone in the first couple standing rows. Friendly vibes, inspirational music and a sleek warehouse venue came together to create a unforgettable experience for all ravers that evening. With the Arizona Trance scene still growing, this show catered to Trance fans of all ages. In the words of Above&Beyond, this night was Happiness Amplified.

By Theresa Maldonado

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