A Fresh Start: Ushering in 2024 with a New Year’s Event You Won’t Forget

Fresh Start 2024 Festival

A Fresh Start: Ushering in 2024 with a New Year’s Event You Won’t Forget

As the clock ticked down to the final moments of 2023, partygoers eagerly awaited the magical transformation into 2024 at the exhilarating Fresh Start New Year’s event. From December 30th to January 1st, a star-studded lineup of incredible performers, including Main Squeeze, RIDE, Soundproof, Garage Access, GCode, and Friends & Fam, took the stage, bringing electrifying energy to the crowd.

But that was just the beginning; afterparties featured an astounding array of artists such as Tedd Patterson, Nervous Records, SoSure Music, Moulton Music, Justin Martin, DnB Set, Wenzday, Spuke, Gods & Monsters, Franky Boissy, and Martin. And if that wasn’t enough to entice you, the event lineup also boasted performances from Tchami & Malaa, The Return of No Redemption, Acraze, Noizu, Eli & Fur, SG Lewis, Louis The Child, Kaskade, Chris Lorenzo, and Justin Martin.

For those who sadly missed this epic celebration, it’s not too late to experience the magic. Read on to discover everything this unforgettable event had to offer, and make sure you take advantage of the next one!

Lights, Sound, Action: Main Concert Overview

Immersed in the infectious atmosphere of the Main Concert, the radiant energy pulsated through every nook, absorbed by eager spectators, creating an ambiance of sheer euphoria. Kicking off the night, Main Squeeze infused the crowd with joy, their groovy tunes reverberating amidst twinkle-lit skies. 

RIDE, with their electrifying prowess, transported us on a psychedelic journey, amplifying the vibe manifold. Up next, Soundproof showcased an enticing array of digital notes, their set exhibiting an extraordinary mix of rhythm and precision. Garage Access captured hearts with dance-inducing beats, followed by GCode’s bass-rich performance, which resonated throughout the crowd. 

Friends & Fam concluded the glory, their audible symphony leaving an indelible mark on everyone. Each stage presented an ever-evolving narrative that captivated us all — a testament to an unforgettable Main Concert experience in ‘A Fresh Start.’

Notable Performances & Interactive Elements

Delving into a fantastic spectacle of music, ‘A Fresh Start’ was a sea of harmonious melodies. December 30th set the tone. Tchami & Malaa’s ‘No Redemption’ return spellbound the crowd. The feverish rhythm concocted by Acraze B2B Noizu was electrifying. Eli & Fur’s set was a soulful journey, perfectly complementing Vnssa’s pumping beats.

As we stepped into 31st eve, Louis The Child’s ‘Playground Set’ stood out, an emblem of energetic brilliance. Elderbrook’s soulful melodies fused with Dr. Fresch’s cool vibes colored the musical canvas, echoed by the vibrant sets by It’s Murph and Phantoms. The bass-rich melodies from Gentlemens Club and Todd Edwards intensified the dance vibe.

With the dawn of January, the music continued to enchant. With Kaskade’s remarkable beats, Chris Lorenzo’s audacious grooves, and Justin Martin’s eclectic mixes, the crowd was spoiled for choice. Township Rebellion’s electrifying set was a stand-out, but the night was only complete with the beautiful evenings crafted by Sohmi, Born Dirty, and Emanate, among others. Everyone’s senses were treated to the delights of not just music but an unforgettable experience.

Into the Night: Afterparties

Post-concert, the scene shifted to an equally vibrant atmosphere as the afterparties took center stage. These captivating gatherings encompassed an expertly curated blend of music, lighting, and engagement that seamlessly extended the thrill of the concert into the night. 

From eclectic DJ sets fuelling the dance floor with infectious beats to the intimate lounges offering a more relaxed vibe, diversity was key. Revelers indulged in socializing, rehashing favorite concert moments, and losing themselves in the gripping rhythm of the night. The afterparties, a plethora of experiences within themselves, were the perfect finale to the exhilarating concert chapters.


‘A Fresh Start’ was an exhilarating extravaganza of music, energy, and connection. It served as an unforgettable journey through diverse musical landscapes, with each performance building toward an awe-inspiring collective experience. Beyond the beats, it was the shared sense of anticipation, joy, and unity that truly defined the event.

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