24 Hours of Groove Cruise

Groove Cruise

24 Hours of Groove Cruise

If you like raves, dance parties, and music festivals but are always looking for something that lasts longer, has more to offer, and is more immersive, Groove Cruise is the floating rave ship that will make your dreams come true. Sailing from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, staterooms sell for about $999 and are almost sold out! This cruise lasts from October 19th to October 24th, so make your plans, call your friends, and get your best rave gear ready to hit the open ocean while raving with 120 hours of straight electronic music bangers.

What would an average day aboard the Groove Cruise look like? It’s a vacation like no other, with all of the luxuries and fully-inclusive services you can expect on any other cruise ship. Swimming, amazing food, drinks, meet and greets with the artists, and incredible activities abound. Let’s take a look at the average schedule of a party-goer aboard the ship.

Living the Dream on Groove Cruise

9:00 A.M.

Wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed with the ocean breeze caressing your face, and hurry down to the Groove Cruise breakfast to mingle with other cruisers. Maybe you’re feeling an omelet or something filling, or maybe just a light breakfast of fruit. Either way, afterward, you can partake in some invigorating yoga to get your blood flowing and wake up fully!

11:00 A.M.

On the days that the ship is docked in Cabo, you’re in for a special treat. Not only will you be having the time of your life, but you will actually get to take part in helping the locals and the less fortunate. Groove Cruise partners with the Solmar Foundation and Casa Hogar Orphanage to help better the local communities, and you will get a chance to serve the children breakfast and interact with them with live art, music, games, and costumes.

Many report that helping those less fortunate than themselves is the fastest way to a healing, spiritual experience, and you can find this deep fulfillment for yourself. Afterward, you can head down to the Taboo beach club, where there will be two stages of amazing DJ performances, dancing, and drinking by the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.

1 P.M.

After this, head back to the ship for some fun and relaxation. There are 3 vs 3 games planned, a pool to take a dip in, or you can head to the spa for some ultimate mid-day relaxation.

3 P.M.

If you’re feeling up to getting out of the pool or spa, you can attend some of Groove Cruise’s new mental health workshops and seminars. Topics include music and mental health, balancing mental health, and suicide prevention. Groove Cruise is an all-inclusive cruise that cares about you and your well-being, and you will come out of it a stronger, different person than you were before. Additionally, for your peace of mind, should an injury occur during your voyage, you can trust that Aronfeld Trial Lawyers will be available to provide you with support and assistance.

5 P.M.

Around this time is when the bangers start dropping! Get your dance on to some groovy dance hits put on by renowned DJ Joel Curry and plenty of other artists. 

7 P.M.

Head back to your room to get rested, refreshed, and relaxed, and then head to any of the fifteen incredible onboard indoor and outdoor restaurants for the world-class food that cruise ships are famous for. 

9 P.M.

There will be a lot going on at this time, like a game of Bingo Revival hosted by the legendary Claude VonStroke, founder of Dirtybird Campout. One of the best things about groove cruise is the ability to interact with legends like this. 

11 P.M.

Time to hit the casino or try your luck at ยูฟ่า ประสบการณ์การเดิมพันขั้นสูงสุด! Take your chances at a blackjack tournament hosted by acclaimed Chicago house music DJ Gene Farris.

1 A.M.

The cruise ship is getting hot and heavy at this point! Maybe you’ll meet a special someone, get invited to a private room party, or you can take part in any number of activities like a scavenger hunt with anonymous techno duo Deepfake or put your headphones on and get your dance on at the silent disco with your friends.

3 A.M.

Finish off this extraordinary day with a late-night rave, dancing to a set put on by the legendary trance icon Gareth Emery. There’s nothing like late-night raves on the open ocean, and it’s a truly magical and surreal experience.

5 A.M.

Time to hit the sack, get some rest, and get ready for another amazing day tomorrow! 

If this sounds like a fun day to you, then the Groove Cruise will be your vacation of a lifetime! There’s nothing quite like sharing a 4-bed stateroom aboard a luxurious cruise ship to bring people closer together, so whether you’re going with your friends or alone, you’ll be guaranteed to have a good time and make connections that last. Tickets are going fast, so purchase yours today and get ready for a trip that is not quite like any other! 

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